Are Getting Married In

"Jodiya Swrag Mai Banti Hai"
 We met as strangers.In our courtship period we talked,we met and got the chance to know each other.During this period we found some differences and similarities, but time made our bond stronger.Each day brings us closer.In this period we became friends, and our friendship changed into love.We fall in love❤. 😘❤
" U + Me = Hum "💑


Wedding LoCATION


:Nearest Railway Stations :

- Chittaurgarh Junction,Railway Colony,Chittorgarh.

- Chanderiya, Chittorgarh.

:Nearest Bus Station :

Chittorgarh Bus Station.

:Nearest Airport :

Udaipur Airport, Ordi-B, Rajasthan.

- Accommodation -

Jain Digambar Manglik Dham, Near Chandralok Cinema, Chittorgarh(Rajasthan)

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